Interesting reason why Paul Bernardoni doesn’t wear headphones like other footballers

Football has become one of the most supported sports all over the world and one cannot in anyway take away the excitement that this supporters get from the game.

Despite  all this people being a supporter of footballer generally, this can be break down into teams and also favorite.

These fans abandon all their things and go all the way out to welcome their team bus especially on match days.

However the game has become so much more of fashion to the players than the passion they should return to the fans to feel loved.

on match days when the team bus arrive, all players can be seen with headsets enjoying some musics which has gradually became a normal practice while their respective fans struggle to get their attention.

But one man who wouldn’t allow himself to go past the fans without giving them the Necessary attention required is Paul Bernardon.

According to him, football is a game played to entertain the public and that means everyone out there deserves attention from players and should he have a headset just like other layers do, that surely means he may miss a supporter requesting an autograph. 

“I don’t wear headphones when I get out of the team bus. It’s a question of respect. We play for the public and when we meet people, we should be able to hear them. I couldn’t live with myself if I missed a kid who asks me for an autograph.” Paul Bernardoni said during an interview

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