“She fled Afghanistan w@r that k!lled her father and now a star ” – Nadia Nadim, PSG striker graduates as a medical doctor


Nadia Nadim, an Afghan born Danish female footballer has graduated from school as a medical doctor after spending nearly five years combining studies with football.

Her story is one that comes as a huge inspiration to others who are determined to make it to the topmost level when it comes to blending profession.

Nadia was a young innocent girl fighting for her life just few years ago in during the tension in her birth country, Afghanistan.

In fact she fled Afghanistan when she was only 11 years old while her father was k!lled  by the Taliban regime.

however, managed to escape Denmark with her mother and four sisters. The interesting thing is that before that day, she had never seen another woman playing sports.

Fast forward, Nadia Nadim developed interest in football and trained hard to become a professional footballer.

Currently, she is a striker of french based women football team PSG’s and wears the famous number 10 jersey while representing the Denmark national team and has scored more than 200 goals.

She is also fluent in 11 languages. Last week she graduated as a medical doctor after 5 years of study while playing football.


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