“Sh!t still unreal to me” – Tearful Offset talks about Takeoff, Says there’s no day without thinking about him


The death of Migos Rapper, Takeoff is yet to get over the mind of Fellow Rapper Offset as he took to Instagram to Remember him once again.

Offset shared a video of some moment he had with Takeoff during his days on earth alongside a clear message to how much he has been in his mind.

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According to Offset, Not a day passes without him remembering the Migos Rapper. He went on to state that till now he is yet to believe Takeoff is truly no longer alive.

Takeoff wasn’t only a group member with Offset And even though The Migos were not in good terms when it comes to Offset, it is important to note that they are real blood families hence Offset might be going through a lot by now over Take’s death.

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