Twene Jonas tells Archipalago what it will take to locate him in New York


Twene Jonas has told Archipalago what it will take him to do before setting his eyes on him in New York.

Archipalago is one of the very people against the aggressive actions of Twene Jonas who has on several occasions poured harsh words on Ghanaian leaders for what he termed as bad governance.

The musician then stormed New York and comb through almost every corner looking for Twene Jonas but as expected failed to see him.

Jonas as we all know will not keep quiet over Archipelago’s move and that’s exactly the case when he decided to go extra hard on him.

Jonas in a Video told Archipelago to use that same energy to work and make money instead of thinking he can find him anywhere on the streets.

He also warned that he is not just one ordinary person in New York hence before anyone looking for him can see get his wish, he has to pass through Security protocols.


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