“World Remit is a Scam” – Bank of Ghana warns

The Bank of Ghana has issued a strong warning to Ghanaians to distance themselves from an alleged money doubling scheme called Worldremit.

The firm WorldRemit is a money sending service that allows you transfer money online using a computer, smartphone or through Bank transfer.

However there’s also another company operating as Worldremit which allegedly takes deposits in the name of doubling it for investors when it matures.

But a huge notice coming from Bank of Ghana indicates the money transfer firm WorldRemit is completely different from this one.

In short Bank of Ghana is creating awareness to the public the money doubling establishment that is fast becoming more popular in the country and luring investors is not a genuine one to deal with.

Bank of Ghana further stated it has not given license to any entity or individual to engage in money doubling and also advise the public to make enquires about verification before depositing funds with any of this firms.

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