“You have no business with a Benz or iPhone 13 if you have less than 10m in your account” – BBNaija’s Tochi


Big Brother star, Tochi has given his followers a tip of what is required before thinking of owning a Mercedes Benz car and iPhone 13.

This generation is one that is known for spending money on luxurious things, being it from Mobile phone or cars.

It’s not like those times when one is really ok with whatever he has, it is more like a competition now and you need to keep up the pace if you want to be among your mates.

When it comes to mobile phone, it is a mad rush for Apple’s lates production iPhone 13 despite how expensive it is.

In terms of cars most of the youths turn attention to Mercedes Benz but Tochi stated emphatically that there’s no way you should think about acquiring any of this with less bank account.

According to him one must have not less than Ten Million (10M) before dreaming of getting either iPhone 13 or Benz car.

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