“Fraud Alert” – How UDS & Dambai College of Education Conspired to lure Students into a Sandwich program without Certification

An interesting Story reaching us details how two Ghanaian Institutions, namely University For Development Studies, (UDS) and Dambai College of Education (DACE) Led by One Benedicta Atiku Collaborated to lure students into a Sandwich Program with an outrageous fees without awarding them Certificates after their completion.

The Northern Based University Came into terms with Dambai College of Education to begin a Sandwich Program in 2019 and many determined Ghanaians who aimed to become Teachers in Future enrolled in it.

According to the Admission letter offered the Students, They were supposed to undergo a 3 years Academic Calendar lecture to be awarded a Diploma Certificate. Sadly, the two institutions left their students in Limbo as they are yet to be awarded their Certificates since they Completed the course over a year ago.

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Before this Development, Students were already suspicious about the Genuineness of the two Institutions when year 2 results were not released before getting into their final year.

One Student (Name Withheld) Spoke to Osix Africa and he made it clear They are very disappointed and now highly convinced the Institution only lured them into the program to extort money from them.

According to him, The Institution also failed to hold any form of Graduation for them as it is done in every Institution. They were told by the Coordinator of the Program At their Study Center about a Scheduled Graduation at the University’s Main Campus in Tamale back in April but that would also go on to be one of the Saddest days in their life.

After hours of traveling to Tamale, Students were told by the University their names aren’t part of the graduating Students while failing to give them the Exact reason they can’t be part of the Graduation after being given Notice by the College.

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“We aren’t only disappointed, in fact we are left in Frustration, I was traumatized upon hours of Journey to Tamale only to be told We are not part of the graduation without any proper explanation”. He stated

To Rub salt into their Wounds, The Institution has failed to Officially Communicate to them why the delay in awarding them their Certificates despite calls for them to Address the worrying students.

Our Team is currently being fed with other interesting parts of the Story which would be released soon.

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