GTLE results “Do they really fail the exams or it’s a deliberate way of cutting employment?” – Interesting Questions we should be asking


Ghanaians are raising concerns with their reactions to a large number of teachers who are said to have failed the 2023 Licensure examination.

It was reported that, at least 30 percent of teachers who sat for the 2023 mandatory Teachers Licensure Examination (GTLE) had failed but then there could be more to it that we may not have an idea about.

The purpose of the Licensing Examination as explained is to enable qualified teachers acquire a professional licence and prepare teachers to meet the demands of the National Teachers’ Standards of possessing the minimum knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes necessary to deliver effectively in schools.

But then it has been proven time after time that Government can do anything possible to shield themselves when it comes to employing graduates from colleges.

Now this is where we all should be asking questions about if the candidates actually do fail the examinations or it is a tactical decision to fail them so government can have a genuine case of not employing them.

It is a known fact that one of the basic requirements now for a graduate teacher to gain employment in the government sector is to pass the licensure examination. Before that, there have been badges of graduates who went through all sorts of struggles before getting posted which has resulted in many groups criticizing the government for their inability to employ them immediately they completed all the necessary requirements.

So it could also be that the government is doing something smart to avoid posting a large number of students and thereby using the Licensure examination as a tool to achieve that. In fact you have no reason to rant if you ain’t posted as a result of you failing the licensee examination. Yes that is the first thing that led to the introduction of the exam in the first place.

Below is a data of the 2023 GTLE Examination Results

Yes! Not everyone is going to pass when it comes to to exams. There’s always going to be some odd ones but then the rate at which a large number of teachers have been failing is what we should concentrate our attention to and this is where we should be asking ourselves if they really do fail the exams or it has been a deliberate attempt to cut employment. The judgement is yours to make.


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