Lilianet Solares Bio, Age, Instagram, net worth


Lilianet Solares is a well celebrated model from Cuba who was born on November 23, 1991 at Cuba. After spending some years in Cuba, her family relocated to Miami, Florida where she spent most of her formative years.

Lilianet Solares never spoke about anything relating to her early life, parents and siblings. Fro that matter, absolutely nothing is known about them.

Educational background

Though Lilianet is a model and a wife to a famous entertainer, she kept her private life secret to the extent that nothing at all is known about the elementary and high school education including the college or the university she attended.

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Despite the fact that things are like this, there is no doubt that the model is a highly educated person. Just that she remains low key.


Lilianet is a professional model who worked for many agencies. She was the favorite of many fashion lovers due to her enthusiastic modeling skills she usually employed when modeling. Lilianet worked with Empire BBK which is a demonstrating firm. She also appeared in in numerous magazines and commercial auditions. Lilianet is also an investor who invests into real estate business.

After she got married, she quit her modeling career. Though the model didn’t detailed the public about the reason she quit her career, it is clear that Lilianet have to put a hold on her career in other to have full time to cater for the home and to focus on raising up their child.

Lilianet Solares Husband 

Lilianet met her better half Chris Tamburello in Southern Florida when Chris moved from Massachusetts in the year 2015. After dating for a while, they got married in September 2018 just a few months after legalizing their union in the court of Miami. A unique part of their wedding was aired on MTV reality show- The Challenge: CT’s Getting Married in December 2018.

There is a rumor which circulated in 2019 on social media that the two had separated but Chris debunked the rumor by sharing a video of his wife pouring a drink which cleared the air that the duo are happily married without any marital issues.

In 2016, Chris and Lilianet gave birth to a wonderful baby boy. But what is kept from the public the the date of birth of the baby boy. They named the child Christopher CJ Tamburello Jr.

Lilianet Solares
Lilianet Solares And her husband

After marriage, no one knows what Lilianet Solares do for a living since she opt to keep it private. Almost all that is known about her can only be seen from her husband’s opinion, whose acting career is quite pronounced.

Bony measurements

Currently, Lilianet stands at 5 feet 6 inches tall. She looks more elegant in her black eyes and long hair.

Lilianet Solares Social Instagram 

Lilianet is an active Instagram user who frequently posts some of her personal pictures. Fans loves it whenever Lilianet shared her pictures but she likes her family matter to remain private.

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Lilianet Solares has over 46.7k followers with over 53 posts. Though their family and marriage is all over Twitter, she doesn’t have any Twitter account in her name.

Lilianet Solares Net worth

Since the former model do not share her personal life with the public, her net worth is no exceptional. There is absolutely nothing known about her income or earnings.



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