Who is the richest Yahoo boy in Nigeria

The term Yahoo boy has become so popular in Africa and as much as a huge number of young guys engaged themselves in the Act, our focus today is on who is the richest of them in Nigeria.

But then let’s ask ourselves what exactly does being a Yahoo boy means.

The high rate of unemployment in Africa has made lot’s of guys forced themselves into finding their own way of Survival.

They engage in every kind of fraudulent acts to extort money from others. they exchange emails with you asking to send them some money or give them your bank account details claiming to use it for a purpose that is beneficial to you but hey it’s a lie, you will never hear from them again.

Yahoo accounts are mostly the Web services company they use in exchanging this mails and that is the reason they are tagged “Yahoo Boys”.

You didn’t know about that right? Now you know do let’s get back to the main topic, Who is the richest Yahoo boy in Nigeria?.

Nigeria can boast of many top boys in the Yahoo game, names like Mompha, Naira,Baddy Osha, Opa6ix, just to mention a few.

However the Richest Yahoo Boy when it comes to fraudsters in Nigeria is no other person than Ramon Abbas, commonly known as Hushpuppi.

The Nigerian is currently battling fraud cases on the international stage and needs no introduction now when it comes to the kind of deals he successfully delivered not to talk of the properties he acquired from the fraudulent act.

Before his arrest, Hushpuppi has an estimated net worth of $4 Billion, a wide margin from any other Yahoo boy in Nigeria.

Source: http://Osixafrica.net

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