10 signs your partner is cheating on you


Relationship they say if you don’t have the heart to contain certain things then you probably don’t have to put yourself into it.

At least 60% of divorces came out of one partner cheating and that tells you if you do not detect your partner earlier you risk collapsing your marriage when you finally tie the knot.

Many relationships start with all the happiness in the world then boom here comes the changes and when those changes comes to light, it’s easy to spot the signs of cheating.


So This piece of article will highlight 10 signs that your Partner is cheating on you.

Their phone habits change

Anytime someone hides something, it’s solely to avoid questioning. Every truthful partner is opened up with they’re phones but that changes quickly when they start cheating. You can detect that when your partner change range of things with their phones, like changing their password or keeping their phone on them all the time when they used to leave it sitting out.

Their schedule changes with no good explanation.

If you know your partner very well, his or her schedule is very predictable to you, in-fact Schedules can change sometimes but that should come with a reasonable explanation, Someone who all of a sudden started working late at times that go beyond a reasonable explanation is a clear sign of cheating.

This is very detectable when your partner hasn’t switched jobs, no promotion or any new project you know they’re working on.

Change of Location without prior notice / decision request

Every truthful partner discusses travel plans with they’re partner. If you should call your partner and he/she tells you they’re at a different city, a location you don’t even know they’re traveling to, that sign spells danger.

Sometimes your partner only open up to you during a conversation that they’re will be traveling without you having any discussion on such travel, it’s not a good sign also. Not only to should your partner make you aware of travel plans, it has to be a discussion based on if that travel plan is a step in the right direction.

Their friends don’t seem as friendly as they used to

Interestingly, friends are the people we discuss our feelings for someone with even before making approaches hence your partners friends are mostly in a good vibe with you. But once that changes, it should tell you they know someone else is in the pipeline so they have to be extra careful with their kind of conversation with you so they don’t expose their cheating friend one day.

They don’t disclose details of their day anymore.

It’s a lovely couple moment when your partner is back and tells you stories of how the entire day went, but once they don’t have much interest in doing that anymore, it should send you a signal because it may be that they’re holding such discussions with the newly found person so they tell you less.

They accuse you of cheating

This is very common, it is a typical defensive tactics of a cheater, once they accuse you, you can only defend yourself and not accuse them back.

Desperate to know your schedules.

It shouldn’t be strange to you when your partner all of a sudden is on top of your schedule every minute to know your whereabout, it’s not even close to jealousy, he/she is just trying to know when you will be available or not available so they can spend time with their newly found partner.

When they’re phone is constantly silent or off when with you

This is one of the common ways to grab your cheating partner, the phones are off or silent simply because they know the other partner will call and they may not be able to say all the sweet words while with you.

Doesn’t pick calls but return them later

This is one of the funny acts of a cheater, probably they’re phone is placed silent while with the other partner so they miss your calls Constantly, however, they get some little chance and sneak into the bathhouse or any well hidden place to call you back. If you detect that act of your partner continuously not picking calls but returning them, that should raise a red flag, (this mostly happens in distance relationships).

They get defensive when you ask why certain things have changed.

If there is an innocent explanation for why some things have changed there is no need for defensiveness, A cheater may answer a question with a question, like “Why do you ask?”, “Why is that important?” because they need more time to come up with an answer they can get away with.

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