How to make your wife fall in Love with you all over again


Marriage really doesn’t guarantee that everything is settled and fine as You have to put in efforts on a periodic basis to make your marriage work well.

Love is the most essential element in marriage as it strengthens the bond between the two of you and Women mostly tend to put in their all to keep their husbands happy but if you as a husband also doesn’t put in effort to make your wife happy then the marriage won’t last as it takes two to tango.

The moment you begin to notice changes in your wife like she not showing interest in you as she did at first, this article by Godsway Charles Tudi will guide you on how to make her rediscover that love for you.

  1. Engage Her In Nice Conversation

Engaging in nice and wonderful conversations with the one you love is something everyone likes. You, therefore, have to indulge in wonderful conversations with your wife as it gives you the chance to strengthen your relationship. Conversations allow expressing yourselves leaving nothing unsaid. Being open to your wife through conversations will sure make her fall in love with you again.

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2. Let Her Feel Special

Your wife should be one of the most important people in your life so you have to make her feel very special. Most at times the little things can make a big difference in a relationship. If you want your wife to fall in love with you again you have to make her feel special through compliments and gifts. You also have to take into consideration her desires and needs and tend to them.

3. Show Her You Love Her

Telling her you love her is not enough as you also have to show her you love her through your actions. When you stop showing your love to your wife , it makes her feel unwanted and neglected. Show her you love her through words and actions and you will be shocked the outcome. Daily, tell her you love her and how much she means to you making sure she never doubts your love for her.

4. Support Her

Support your wife to follow her aspirations and dreams and help her to achieve them. This attitude of support will definitely make her fall in love with you again. If you want your wife to succeed then you have to understand her and give support her by standing by her in every situation .if you both work towards achieving your dreams together , you sure will have a healthy and lasting marriage.

5. Stay Loyal To Her

Loyalty and trust are the foundations of any healthy and successful marriage. You always have to try I’md make it a point to make your wife trust you .Make her believe you always got her back physically and emotionally anytime she needs you. If you always create that environment of reliance for your wife , she most definitely will fall in love with you again as she knows you’ve got her no matter what.

6. Help Her In Working

Help your wife with the house chores and try to do something she likes when you have extra time. If there’s shared responsibility in your home , it shows your wife you love and care for her a lot and it makes her fall madly in love with you. She will appreciate your consideration and will make her feel happy and cherished.

7. Try to always Make Her Happy

Make keeping your wife happy a priority. Always try to make her happy in every aspect. Surprise her with gifts and things she likes. Putting in efforts to make her happy helps her to realize how much you adore and cherish her and makes her fall in love with you all over again. Appreciation also forms a vital part of marriages so always endeavor to appreciate her for her good works and even for the least things .

8. Compliment Her

Make your wife feel special by complimenting her always. Use compliments you used to use on her when you both were in the dating satge to remind her how you loved her in the past and still love her. Let her know how beautiful and special she is to you right from the start of the day.

Even during moments she doubts the compliments , tell her over and over again looking into her eyes and seal it with a kiss to show her you mean it. Keep your focus on your wife always and don’t ogle other women when you’re with her as it will make her feel unattractive. Boast about your wife when you’re in public with others as it will make her adore you and fall in love with you again.

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9. Spoil Her

Spoiling does not mean you should buy her the most expensive things. It actually means being thoughtful enough to pamper her through a massage, a bubble bath or even sending flowers to her workplace. Cook her favorite meal , give her time to herself, arrange a picnic and get her chocolate or her favorite snack and shell be all over you.

10. Make Quality Sex A Priority

The power of quality sex in marriage cannot be underestimated. Most times responsibilities tend to make having sex in marriages quite tedious.But as a couple you have to find a way to balance everything. Try and take time off your kids and focus on just yourselves through intimacy in the bedroom pleasuring each other.

As a couple try to focus on quality sex instead of quantify sex as there’s no right amount of sex for a married couple. Pay attention to all the special places she likes to be touched and make love to her. Quality sex should be personal and show your partner how you desire and love her.

11. Take Care Of Yourself

Take good health and hygiene seriously. Every woman adores her man if he’s looking good and neat as she takes pride in your appearance . Always endeavor to take your shower regularly and wear clean and neat clothes. Also mind your manners around your wife and she will fall in love with you again.

12. Take Notice of the little things.

Little things make a great difference so take notice of them. If your wife gets a new hairstyle, wears a new dress or jewellery take notice and compliment her as it makes her know you care enough to notice everything even the slightest ones.

Falling out of love in marriages happens most times and it takes love and effort to ignite the fire back into the marriage and these 12 tips can be of immense help to you .

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