Sarah Kohan, Ex Wife of Footballer Xavier Hernandez


Sarah Kohan is a famous Australian Model, Social Media Influencer, Trace Blogger and Sportsperson born on March 6, 1994 in Sydney at Australia. She grew up Sydney alongside her family.

After she reached the school- going age, her parents enrolled her in one of the best elementary schools in Sydney. She then enrolled at Kambala School in 2011. She decided to study law and commence in finance at the University of Notre Dame and graduated also in Sydney .

She graduated from the University of Notre Dame in the year 2017. She also attended a course at Harvard University and Columbia University in the United States. Initially, Sarah studied medicine but later changed her mind which didn’t go on well with her surgeon father. However, she obtained a Bachelor degree in law and Bachelor in commerce degree.

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Sarah Kohan is an Instagram model and travel blogger. As a travel blogger, she usually posts pictures and videos from around the world. She gained popularity as she travels to exotic destinations. She has so far visited many interesting places like The Bahamas, Bora Bora, Europe, South America and Hawaii.

She usually loved filming her adventures and her interactions with animals in their natural environment. She bought a camera to film herself diving but later ended up talking good shots of a whale that mesmerized her with its beauty while she was traveling to Tonga.

She gets many collaborations with series of brands as a model. She also advertises their products. She got this offers in October 2016. This also server her another Avenue for revenue.

Initially, Sarah Kohan funds all her travels sole but later, she began to get sponsorships from large hotel chains including The Ritz Carlton and Four Seasons. This hotel chains promotes her trips and she goes to places that she never dreamed of before but since she is on sponsorships, she visit anywhere she finds interesting.

As an Instagram influencer, Sarah used her Instagram handle to promote her career. She usually share her pictures and the images and videos of places she visited and things she encountered. She always engage her fans to have a bit of how things around the world looks like. Sarah has over 1.4 million followers on Instagram.

Since this great personality have a Bachelors degree in law, she worked at several courts and due to her good knowledge in the attorney field, she’s always sought after by many people. She has done her internship at the International Criminal Court in the Netherlands which helped her enhance her skills in the field of the law.

Social media

Sarah Kohan is an extremely active person on social media since Cher career demands so. She named both her Instagram handle and travel blog as Moonstruck Traveller. At first, her followers are only 20,009 but after the uploading of the Whale video, her followers increased massively 20,000 to 1.3 million. Sarah hopes to break the stigma associated to wildlife especially sharks.

Sarah also used her social media channels to advertise for swimsuits brands such as Frankie and Khaos. Even at the time of her pregnancy, she still promotes fashion brands like Fashionnova and Verge girl which is a famous Australian brand of clothes.

Sarah had an impressive success in 2018 when she traveled to Hawaii and Safari trip in Africa.

Sarah Kohan Relationship Xavier Hernandez 

Sarah Kohan met her life partner Javier Hernandez during one of her expeditions. But they keep their relationship private but they were seen together in July 2018 in Miami Beach in the United States when Sarah was massaging Javier. They later made their relationship official at Stonehenge.

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Sarah routed for Javier during the World Cup and shared pictures in a number 14 shirt with her boyfriend’s nickname Chicharito written at the back of it. Javier is a famous footballer who played for several football clubs like Manchester United and West Ham United.

Sarah and Javier wedded in Santa Chula, California in the United States. They spent their holiday together in Italy. They visited many places including Amalfi coast.

Body shape

Sarah is a popular travel blogger and Instagram model who has a hour-glass shaped figure. She is 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs at 59 kg.

Sarah Kohan Net worth

Her primary source of income are from Instagram influencer, brand promoter, and travel blogger. She is able to bagged an estimated net worth of over $1 million.





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