Cristiano Ronaldo comments “facts” under a post saying Messi robbed the Ballon d’Or and ghosted in big game


The controversy surrounding the 2021 Ballon d’or is not ending anytime soon with Cristiano Ronaldo joining the masses to downplay Messi’s record win.

In what used to be a battle ground for Ronaldo and Messi, The Portuguese icon finished outside the top 5 grabbing 6 position for the first time in eleven years.

Meanwhile Bayern Munich Star Robert Lewandowski who was tagged as the heavy favorite on genuine grounds came second after the announcement.

In a viral post, one Instagram user took his time to outline the various achievements of the Cristiano Ronaldo throughout the year under review starting from his top goalscoring clinch in the Seria A last season to the top Scorer at Euro 2020.

The message also highlight Ronaldo’s two trophies won in the name of Copa Italia and Italian super cup not forgetting the quick impact he is making in Manchester United.

The user went on to State Messi’s achievement also which includes a Copa America Victory and Copa Del rei clinch with his former side Barcelona while struggling to find his feet in a star studded PSG squad.

This is just one of those posts we normally see online but what makes this one more eye catching is the the Manchester United Forward hit the comment section to describe the post as “Facts”.


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